Learn how to create and leverage video in your business.

Soaq Academy is a 2-day, instructor-led training program, hosted live on-site (with remote training options also available). Two Soaq facilitators lead a group of up to 10 participants through this unique learning experience, with actionable outcomes.


Save time. Reduce cost. Engage employees.


From A to Z

Lights, Camera, Action! Learn how to identify the right tools for the job; from using existing items lying around the office, to making informed and affordable purchases for enhanced video production.

That's a Wrap!

Learn how to construct your message in order to storyboard, plan, direct, and shoot your footage. Once your footage is captured, you'll learn to log it and edit or compile it to best convey the key messages.

Package Makes Perfect

Learn the basics of content packaging. Packages ensure that all content being developed by your team(s), follows a pre-defined format. From interviews to documentaries, and everything in between.

To Film or Not to Film

Video is great - but it's not the answer to all. You will learn to identify prime opportunities for video as a means to communicate. Know when and how to use video to effectively and efficiently reach your audience.


2-Day Course Outline

Day 1

  • Content strategizing (what can and can't be video)

  • Capturing quality footage using multiple devices

  • Design composition: three elements of arrangement

  • Equipment (DSLR, mobile phone, tablet, lighting)

  • Lighting basics - natural and artificial

  • Sound basics - microphones, quality tips and tricks

Day 2

  • Creating custom visual enhancements

  • Basics of video editing and timelines

  • Creating transitions

  • Adding and editing music

  • Understanding sequences and editing efficiencies

  • Shooting, cutting and assembling footage

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