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Introduce video to the workplace. Host your work video privately and securely because your company is ready for video.


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Making video is easy. We help because we know it will propel your marketing, sales and training efforts. While other companies are still wrestling with video, you can lead with it.


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Want to learn how to make video? We’ll teach you and your team. Rather than wait for your next video opportunity, be prepared for when it actually comes up because nothing says “ready” more than a team equipped with awesome video skills.

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Introduce Video to the Workplace

Quickly introduce video to your employees and customers. Create your own private platform to host and create video. Customize it to your brand because your brand is what really counts when you engage with your employees and customers.

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Soaq is a turn-key video solution for organizations like yours, to quickly and easily introduce video into the workplace. While other companies continue to use email, create Word documents and PowerPoints, you will be creating much cooler content – cause yes, you are cooler and because nothing is stickier than video. Your employees and customers will love it.

There are hundreds of ways you can use video to improve sales, marketing, training and employee engagement. Soaq is your video platform for premium content – no ads, no distractions, no cat videos because your content needs your viewers’ full attention.

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We don’t offer trials. Rather, Soaq is free for life. So create your account today because we are serious about providing you with the best video sharing experience for your business. We are the world’s easiest video sharing platform. Introduce video to your workplace today.

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