Great ideas are constantly being thrown around, then stored in a folder and left to collect dust. Keep those ideas alive with Soaq.

  • Stay up to date with what the competition is doing, share the latest stunt you wish that you’d worked on and keep yourself inspired
  • Account management can be gruesome: Share your best tips for negotiation, time management and conflict resolution with your team to give everyone an edge

Government legislation and internal regulations are tough to stay on top of, let alone communicate.

  • Leverage video to communicate important and relevant updates to regulations
  • Upcycle content to keep your teams in the know at all times and never let information expire

Wow your employees—not just your customers—with captivating audio and video.

  • Convert existing content into interactive and engaging audio/video pieces
  • Eliminate old, boring documents and embrace content for internal communications

Using video to train cleaning crews around the country saves time and money.

  • Record team leaders and other experts demonstrating proper techniques
  • Create a more practical training environment with less reading, and more show & tell

Safety first! But sometimes it’s hard to remember everything you read in a 30-page manual.

  • Share a video to make sure that the info sticks.
  • Access safety procedures and occupational health videos with just one click: No booklets, no yawning

Expand your teachers’ reach through a self-paced, content-based learning platform.

  • Distribute and track engagement with all types of static and rich media content
  • Use out-of-school tools like video, to build on lessons in the classroom

In the summer you’re prepping holiday looks, and in the winter you’ve got bikinis on the brain. That’s a lot to handle.

  • Put aside the traditional product knowledge booklets and share the season’s new items on Soaq: Your team and key buyers will have easy access to it (and you won’t need a post office!)
  • How your clothes are displayed have a huge impact on your business: Take a quick video of the best merchandising and demonstrate the dos and don'ts

Executive and team messaging has never been more fun or more effective.

  • Communicate new financial product announcements with exciting video content
  • Help distributed teams stay consistent and up-to-date with training materials

Reach everyone at once, or target specific individuals and groups with just-in-time messaging.

  • Communicate effectively through static or rich media and engage your audience
  • Bring video into the fold to attract and retain key talent

Sharing training content can be overwhelming. But if you carefully curate and organize it, everyone will benefit from it.

  • Record HCP role-play videos, share best practices and get feedback from your team to help improve sales calls
  • Stay in the know: Record a recap of a CME, showcase the latest POG or share what your competition is doing

Video helps keep your employees safe and your customers happy.

  • Use how-to videos to demonstrate safe practices on complex machine operations
  • Fire up your team with new product announcements and build ambassadors

Policies and procedures come to life in the right environment.

  • Soaq doesn’t let important, mission-critical information get lost in the noise
  • Fresh content keeps key messages top-of-mind for new and existing employees

How-to videos and troubleshooting techniques have never been easier to share. Do it right with Soaq.

  • Make sure that all those obscure manuals are easily findable and in the right hands
  • Deputize your workforce to create content for their peers and help you grow your business

Units and tenants may change but people’s expectations stay the same. Maintain your good reputation with Soaq.

  • Share peer-to-peer learnings with your team on how best to sell a unit: Those millennials expect a lot! (We’re millennials, we know.)
  • Bylaws, building rules and condo association documents can be pretty dense: Summarize the rules and regulations in a video, animation or PDF and share it with your team and tenants

From sourcing to buying to merchandising to advertising to selling, there’s a lot to know. Stay organized and on top of it with Soaq.

  • Learn the tricks of the trade from your peers
  • See what’s happening on the floor with live broadcasting or video recaps