Scalable video production services for your business.

Your employees don’t want to read manuals - they want to watch video! You don’t have time to make the video? Leave it to Soaq Studio to produce new content or transform existing material into captivating video.


High-budget look on a shoestring? Now it's possible.


Transform Static Content

Challenge accepted. Hand over your training manuals, presentations and eLearning courses and we’ll convert them into bite-sized videos.

Launch a New Product

New products deserve a show & tell. Ditch the PDFs and showcase all the bells and whistles with video, creating something that sticks.

Build Brand Ambassadors

Leave no man behind. Your employees are the best brand ambassadors, so keep them up to speed on company progress and relevant information.

Increase Performance

Email has a tendency of getting lost in a sea of, well, emails. Cut through the clutter and send video, so the right people get the right message.

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