Your Videos, Your Audience

Private video platform for business with no ads, no distractions. Just a quick, easy and secure place to store and share your business video because you don’t have time to “manage” video – Soaq will take care of that for you.

Let Employees Share Video

Save time and cut cost. Use video to train, collaborate and engage with employees and your customers. If you’ve experienced success with video, then you will love how Soaq allows employees and customers to interact with your existing video. If you don’t have any videos, are you ever in for a treat – Soaq lets you get started with video seamlessly.


No Installation, Just Easy Hosting

No on-premise installation. Completely in the cloud. Soaq is the easiest video platform out there. Add users at no extra cost. Control content. Control what users see and upload. Truly your videos for your audience because your audience already has enough distractions.

Upload Your First Video

Distribute Your Videos Intelligently

Don’t just blast your video content. Make it meaningful to specific viewers. Cut through the noise with Soaq.


Share Premium Video

Your employees and customers are prime for exclusive video. Offer them a place to host and share private and premium video content.

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