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Host and share video seamlessly and easily. No ads. No distractions. Be the first to introduce video to the workplace. Did we mention you don’t need to install anything? We are a techie’s dream. Easy and seamless because your employees and customers are ready for it.

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Own Your Own Video Platform for Your Employees and Customers

We don’t offer trials. Rather, Soaq is free for life. So create your account today because we are serious about providing you with the best video sharing experience for your business. We are the world’s easiest video sharing platform. Introduce video to your workplace today.

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Easy Integration

Use Soaq with your Sharepoint, CMS, Wiki, and LMS because you don’t need “just” another platform – you need a dedicated video platform that plays nice, costs less and is easy to use.

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Fully Responsive

Device agnostic. Fully responsive HTML5 design. Watch from any device. Record directly from your smartphone. Your employees and customers are ready to watch video, are you ready to host?


Introduce Video to the Workplace

Easily integrate video with your other platforms and processes. Rather than hosting your video on Sharepoint or a share drive, consider possibilities of hosting it in the cloud and having it viewed securely by your employees and customers.

Customize your own video platform to fit your brand because brand matters to your employees and customers. Leverage the power of video in a private, distraction-free place where employees and customers can interact with your premium content.

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Intelligent Video Distribution

Don’t just blast your video content because that’s what you used to do, let Soaq distribute the right video to the right people at the right time. Marketing videos for marketers, sales videos for sales professionals, or training videos for trainees.

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