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Upload and share video inside your organization to improve training, communication, and employee engagement.

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Quickly introduce video to your workplace. Start your own video platform. Customize it to your brand.

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What type of video platform do you need?

Employees host video for customers

  • Premium content videos
  • Product training videos
  • FAQ videos for customers
  • Troubleshooting videos for customers
  • Technical support videos from customers
  • Ad-free content for prospective customers
  • Product feedback from customers
  • Project status videos for customers
  • Market education videos for customers

Employees host video for employees

  • Internal communication videos
  • Brand advocacy videos
  • How-to videos
  • Executive message videos
  • Project update videos
  • Product launch videos
  • Tips and techniques around the office
  • New hire videos
  • Employee profile videos

Soaq is a turnkey video solution for organizations like yours, to quickly and easily introduce video into the workplace. Create an engaging, social platform with video for training, internal communications, and more. Sign up for free in minutes, today!

Your videos for your audience.

A secure video platform with no ads, no distractions. Just a quick easy place to store and share video.


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